These days you need a password for every website, and the requirements for complexity make it difficult to create and remember them unless ...

you protect your passwords with a password manager. Using a password manager affords you the opportunity to allow the tool to remember the passwords for you, and leaves you with the option to only have to remember one - to access the password manager.

Essentially, there are free and premium (cost money) variants out there, and I would recommend going for the premium versions. The costs are not usually that bad. The better managers have so many features that you may feel that you won't need them, but once you install the manager on your multiple devices (if the tool offers this ability) you will see the benefit of the flexible tools.

I use Lastpass ( and have done so for some time. This tool affords me the ability to sync across multiple platforms, and even share access to websites with others without letting them know the password! I now have some of the most complex passwords available to access the many sites, but don't know any of them.

There are numerous sites that are giving critical metrics of one over the other, so I shall spare you this time. I shall simply state that I have found Lastpass to be easy to install and use. Basically, once you create an account and add the tool to your browser Lastpass does the rest. Every site you visit and use a password will be added to your Lastpass Vault, so the next time that you visit the prompts are available to complete the logon process. There is much more to this than this summary is going to cover, but for the average user this is all that is needed. Go check out the features.


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