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Once your site is online the world needs to know. Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques must be employed in order to improve online visibility.

Business owners tend to request websites that are appealing to them, rather than the consumers. The business owner should determine why their existing customers are patrons rather than customers of their competitors; and why the customers of the competitors are not your customers! A business cannot be everything to everyone, so they should focus upon what makes them successful (i.e., entices customers). The way a business perceives their products or services may be very different than how their customers perceive them. By identifying these features, the business is identifying their brand, and what should be a key part of any marketing strategy. The brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be!

Search Engine Friendly (SEF) links should be employed to improve the visibility of the websites. Many website developers fail to recognize that search engines are not restricted to the home page of a website; SEO should be applied to all pages of a website. We want the users to get to the information they are seeking in the most efficient manner, in order to improve performance and market penetration.

The website must not only improve visibility of your business to the market; the website must convert the market into customers for your business; customers that seek your products/services. We provide a simple yet effective approach to providing the consumers with the information they need. Available metrics should be analyzed in order to apply the appropriate SEO techniques for your particular business.

The website should avoid "banner blindness", as studies have shown that typically consumers ignore information that was presented in banners when they are looking for specific information. These consumers focus upon areas of a page where they expect to see the information they seek presented, and in the form they expect. Since studies also show that people do more and more research before entering a business, the website should give customers what they seek. Simply stated, a simple design that is well structured is more likely to yield beneficial results than one that has flashing lights and buries the information sought deep inside the website.

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